Characteristics of a good washing machine

Having a good washing machine is the key to fast and efficient laundry. However, it should be noted that having this kind of machine basically requires making a good choice. A multitude of models of these washing machines are put on the market every year. So having more detailed information can help you. What features should you consider before choosing your washing machine? Find out in the following lines the main criteria.

Type of appliance

This feature concerns the shape. There are several types, depending on your purpose. Porthole type machines are the most practical, as they offer the possibility of using the top as storage.

The top opening type machines are not very practical, but are designed to withstand the test of time. They avoid the risk of flooding thanks to their windows on top of the machine.

Drying machines save you more time, as they are equipped to dry your clothes directly. So you can wash a suit and wear it right away.

Built-in type machines can be placed in your shower because of their size. There are also built-in dryers, which allow you to dry your clothes quickly after washing.

Washing capacity

Here, the washing capacity to be considered should be 5kg or more to allow you to wash several clothes at once.

Spin speed and noise level

The spin speed must absolutely exceed 1100 rpm and even go beyond 1400 rpm to maintain a quantity of laundry greater than 5 kg. The noise level must be normal or silent. It should be just under 55db for the wash cycle.

The options

The display, the steam function, the timer and the delayed start are, among others, features to be taken into account for easy use.

Pay attention to these criteria when buying your washing machine. This will avoid unpleasant surprises.

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